​Peony Education was established in 2008 and is accredited by British officially authorized institutes. Our headquarters is located in Birmingham and we have offices in Newcastle and Leeds.

Peony Education is committed to providing the most comprehensive and professional consulting services for international students and to delivering outstanding international students to the United Kingdom and Australia Universities.

We have over thirty current partner institutes, including Russell Group Members as Liverpool and Newcastle.
  1. Dissertation Tutorial - Huddersfield
    Dissertation Tutorial - Huddersfield
  2. University Introduction - York St John
    University Introduction - York St John
  3. Enrolment  Preparation - Northumbria
    Enrolment Preparation - Northumbria
  4. Tutorial - Sunderland
    Tutorial - Sunderland
  5. Zoo Day
    Zoo Day
  6. Admission Information Seminar
    Admission Information Seminar
  7. Dissertation Tutorial
    Dissertation Tutorial
  8. Spring Tour
    Spring Tour
  9. York Day Tour
    York Day Tour
  10. Zoo Day
    Zoo Day
  11. Beach Tour
    Beach Tour
  12. BBQ