UK Undergraduate Application Plans

1.  Application for Undergraduate Foundation Courses
Applicants need to have minimum certificate from Chinese High School. Course length varies from six months to one year based on IELTS scores of applicants. Students who have successfully completed Foundation Courses can get into different universities based on GPA Scores from Foundation Course.

The minimum academic requirement is 55%-65 %.

Applicants need to be in second year or third year in High School from China.

IELTS Requirement: 4.5-6.0

2.  Application for Diploma Courses
For high school graduate from China, International Year One Course can be ideal. The course is open to High School Graduate but some universities may look for applicants who have already completed first-year undergraduate.

The minimum academic requirement is 60%-65%.

The minimum requirement for IELTS is 5.5-6.0.
3.  Application for Undergraduate Courses
Universities will offer applicant year one courses or year two courses based on applicants’ academic background. Applicants need to submit high school transcripts and university transcripts if applicable.

Minimum Requirement: students who have completed year one or year two undergraduate study.

IELTS Requirement: 6.5, some major may require 7.0. 
4.  Application for Top-Up Courses
Top-Up courses are suitable for applicants with Diploma Degree or Graduate Degree. Successful applicants will be enrolled into last year undergraduate study and progressed to Bachelor Degree.
Minimum Requirement: At least Diploma Degree with average scores of 70%-80%, core modules scores will be assessed individually.
IELTS Requirement: 6.0-7.0 (Pre-sessional Language courses available)

UK Postgraduate Application Plans

For Undergraduate Students
1. Direct application for Master Programme
2. Application for research degree, if the applicant has

3. research ability and intends to apply for PhD later.
For applicant with lower GPA, Pre-master programmes are available.

For Diploma Students
1. Top-up programme, progression to UK undergraduate degree.
2. Graduate Diploma programme, progression to UK postgraduate degree.
Why UK?

         Short Time Length 
         It is more cost-effective compared with postgraduate study in China.

            More Top University 
         UK has many world top200 universities and there are over 180 universities that enrol international                        students with over 30000 majors in total. Students have more options in majors and  more  opportunities
         to enrol in world top universities.  
         Various Scholarship and Fund opportunities
         British government and different organisations and universities offer various scholarships and
         fund opportunities for applicants and thus reduce the economic burden for the family.

         Placement Opportunities
         International students who seek placement in UK have multiple visa options, including Tier
        1 (Entrepreneur) visa, Tier 2 long-time work visa and Tier 5 short-time visa.

         Rich in tourism resources
         Britain is in the heart of Europe with numerous tourist attractions and rail connections; The location will              enable students to travel around Europe and expose student  to diverse cultures in Europe and                                  opportunity to acquire another European Language.
         British visa and Schengen visa can be applied at the same time and thus it is convenient for Chinese                          students to travel  in Europe.